Far From Home Theme (105) – 24.02.12














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Extreme Close Up Theme 2012 – 22.02.12

How’s this for extremely close up!!   On Monday Doug and I were watching this wasp close in the hole, obviously after having laid her eggs in it.

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Extreme Close Up Theme 2012 – 22.02.12

This Purple Crested Lourie was in our tree this morning enjoying the berries, apparently his name has changed but I honestly don’t know what the new name is!!   His wings are tipped in red, hopefully one day I’ll get him in flight!

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Doug’s Lathe!

This a collage I did after reading what Iris Rose suggested, it is parts of Doug’s Lathe, centre right is part of his milling machine, the bottom row left are some tools, centre is his clock guage and right are some of the things he makes, I know there is a screw tip them for the plastic injection moulding machines!

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Work Theme 2012 – 21.02.12

This Lady worked at the camping resort we were at over the weekend, she was taking tea to customers who’d just arrived.   They are amazing what they can carry on their heads, they carry buckets of water without spilling any of it.

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Activities Theme 2012 – 20.02.12

I’m so glad I’ve eventually caught up with posting my photos and I’m also cheating a bit today putting these photos that were taken on Saturday for today’s theme.   This is our Son and Grandson in the surf at Bazley.

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Seashore Theme 2012 – 19.02.12

This is at Bazley Beach looking north towards Durban.   It was our first attempt at camping and boy did it rain, but still fun.

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